Sell Nintendo 3DS: A Whole New World of 3D Games


It is a device which can store all your 3D games. It is a portable device made for PC game lovers. It is an auto stereoscopic device which means “glass free 3D”. Now, you can enjoy all your 3D games without wearing any glasses or unnecessary accessories. It displays high 3D effects without causing any harm to eyes. Nintendo 3DS is a whole new version of Nintendo family performing far better than Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi video games. It has got a very high standard as that of any of the play station’s available.  Nintendo 3DS XL is a new version of 3DS, whose screen is ninety percent larger than the 3DS one. The most exciting thing is that don’t need to learn anything in order to operate it. It is quite affordable as well.  It is a result of experiments performed with 3D technology in 1980s.

Provides safe 3D

You can carry your games in Nintendo 3DS as you go from places to places. It is the only 3DS handheld game accessory present in Nintendo family. It has got a new parallax barrier screen, which provides a totally new experience to the user. This screen has changed the gaming industry forever. It has got motion parallax and wider view angles. These properties make the device not to harm viewer’s eye. Parallax device acts like a barrier in front of human eyes because of which we can see 3D aspects of any object without the use of 3D glasses. It is a very versatile and easy to use handheld device. With so many features, it is the best device available with NDS family among the libraries of Nintendo devices. With all the gaming systems in market today, it is counting for the topmost position with impressive 3D aspect.

Features of Nintendo 3DS

It has got many features like:

  • Camera.
  • Activity log.
  • Augmented reality.
  • Backward compatibility.
  • Virtual console.
  • Streetpass and spot pass mode.
  • Video content and internet browser.
  • Nintendo network and many more.

Selling your device

You can sell Nintendo 3DS to any of the game shops. Selling it online will be a wise decision. Here, you can compare your device with other devices and get a clear idea about its price. You will not be able to get the full price, but you may get about three quarters of its total worth. If you are selling it to any of the GameStop’s, then they will pay you around half of what you paid for it and sell it at good discounts to the person who comes to buy a used one. This Nintendo 3DS has brought all the gamers to the yard. You can get many people outside with high offering prices for your device. This device has got a silver slider, which helps to intensifies or reduces 3D effect. Raise the slider when you are closer to the screen. On the other side, it is having an awesome feature known as activity log. In this log you can keep all your records of which game have been played at what time and for how long. With so many astonishing features, you can sell Nintendo 3DS at cool prices.

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