Sonic Colours [Wii and DS] Review

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Like Arnie to Stallone or Brown to Cameron there have been many epic face offs throughout the history of man. One of them is Mario and Sonic. Both have met brilliant acclaim but Sonic always manages to lose to Mario. The past few years for Sonic have been pretty bad as he has met less than desirable responses for his previous games. Fortunately, Sonic Colours for both the DS and Wii rises above the negativity.

The main story is that Sonic and Tails need to go and save the day again. Dr Eggman has created an evil theme park in which he kidnaps and imprisons alien visitors known as Wisps.

The design for both versions is purely Sonic. The colours are vibrant and the designs of each level are quirky, fantastic and awe inspiring. Sure you’ll be zooming past each level in a fast classic Sonic fashion but that’s not enough to deter you from admiring all the beauty that each level has to offer. Whether it’s looking at the large multicolour mountains or the beautifully shaped planets Sonic Colours definitely lives up to the name providing a solid piece of eye candy. The DS version is different solely for the fact that its set in a 2D platform fashion but the innovative design prevents it from being too boring.

Like any Nintendo game end of level rewards are a big thing for Sonic Colours. By collecting Wisps, Sonic gains a temporary special power. Whether it’s the power of a drill or hover ability, this new element adds an interesting and diverse fundamental to Sonic Colours. It’s amazingly satisfying to finally collect a Wisp and be able to utilise its power for your own benefit. The DS version has an exclusive Wisp for you to collect.

Both games do suffer from easy boss fights however. After a few minutes it was rather simple to conquer a boss due to a fixed pattern.

Sonic Colours is a relatively short game especially for the DS but Sega have made it so you want to keep going back. You can go back to improve on your old score or the more interesting part of the game are the areas that you couldn’t visit before. The collection of Wisps only makes this journey back possible and it’s nice to see new areas in ones you’ve already explored.

What does get frustrating on both versions is the lack of checkpoints in later levels. The increasing difficulty adds to the frustration and you’ll find yourself going back a large distance. The co-op can be a little annoying too as the fast paced gameplay doesn’t suit it at all. If your partner goes too fast off screen, you’ll die and this can’t be helped at times due to the fact it’s Sonic.

Soundtrack wise, the music is quintessential Sonic. It’s fast paced and arcade like. It doesn’t get drab and it all adds to the intensity of the action.

Both games don’t need separate reviews. They’re both fantastically similar in their design, gameplay, action and storyline despite a few insignificant differences. Mario better look out because Sonic is coming at him fast.

+ Beautiful design
+ Relatively short but it has good replay value
+ Classic fast paced Sonic

-  Can get a little too difficult considering lack of checkpoints
-  Boss fights are a little easy
-  Co Op maybe unnecessary

Score: 8 / 10

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