Robot Rescue out today in the U.S.


Developed by Teyon for the Nintendo DSi, Robot Rescue is available for download from today.

Robots are trapped in evil computer labyrinths and it’s up to you to release them and get them to an exit. When you move one robot, they all move together so make sure you avoid the traps and various obstacles.

The game will feature…

  • 45 unique stages from 3 levels of difficulty
  • Absorbing and challenging game-play, a cerebral fitness
  • Many traps (mines, electrical circuits, glue stains, teleports, clone machines and more)
  • Simple rules of the puzzle leading to difficult solutions
  • A tutorial explaining all elements of the puzzle

Watch the official USA launch trailer below.

Robot Rescue can be purchased at the DSi Shop and downloaded for 200 points. As of yet, there is no set release date for European/PAL regions. Stay tuned.

Robot Rescue [Official game page]

Press release [Teyon]

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