Wii Shop Channel releases 23/10/09

Wii Shop Channel Releases

This week sees the release of the arcade classic, Shinobi; and two new WiiWare games called PictureBook Games: A Pop-Up Adventure; and Protöthea.

Protöthea – WiiWare

This top-down side-scrolling shooter developed by Sabarasa Digital Builders offers gamers free movement as they embark on a mission to destroy the asteroid called Maqno 01, and put an end to the plans of The Core. Featuring four different worlds in ten challenging missions, gamers must use their arsenal of weapons and special bonus items wisely if they’re to accomplish their goal. Also, make the most of your ability to slow down time, and gain an advantage over your enemies. Available now for 1000 points.

PictureBook Games: A Pop-Up Adventure – WiiWare

This new boardgame takes place on an animated pop-up book, with paper cut-out characters as avatars. Instead of rolling dice to move around the board, gamers will use cards with a variety of effects. Coins can be collected during the course of play, which you can use to buy more cards, or cash-in at the end of the game for bonus points. Up to four players can join in on the action. Challenge your friends, the A.I., or a combination of the two. However you play, watch out for the Magic Tome; whose mysterious effects can turn the game around. Available now for 800 points.

Shinobi – Virtual Console Arcade

The criminal organisation, Zeed, has made the mistake of kidnapping the offspring of the Oboro ninja clan. Gamers take on the role of Joe Musashi, as he goes on the hunt, rescuing the hostages and taking out the leaders of Zeed; the “Ring of Five”. You must free all of the hostages in each stage before you can progress to the next. Utilise your unlimited supply of shuriken, your katana, and your good-old hands and feet in this arcade ninja classic for 800 points.

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