Three new DSi colours in Europe


Nintendo have announced that three new DSi colours are being introduced to Europe next month.

From October 23rd, you can get your hands on the new shades of Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red, which are great additions to the original colour line up of black or white.

The new coloured DSi consoles also come pre-installed with a Facebook uploading tool and the new Flipnote Studio. The Facebook tool will allow you to post photographs from your DSi straight to your Facebook profile, while Flipnote Studio lets you create mini-movies to upload to Flipnote Hatena.

In addition to the excitement of new colours is the bonus of 1000 free Nintendo DSi points for those who access the DSi Shop through Nintendo Wi-Fi via their DSi.

The release of the new colours co-incides with the release of Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique, so that date will be a stylish one for Nintendo and the DSi.

Press Release [Nintendo]

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