Wii Outdoors ?!

During a visit to London today, I was delighted to find this little beauty.. an outdoor Wii demo unit!

Wii Outdoor Demo Unit Wii Outdoor Demo Unit

The unit itself consisted of a Wii, nice Samsung HDTV, Wii Sports, 2 Wii-remotes, and 2 guys in some very funky looking white Wii puffer-jackets. They seemed quite happy, and so did the little crowd of people who had gathered to witness the marvel that is Wii Sports.

I know that Nintendo is pumping a lot of cash into advertising, such as the 101 Wii TV adverts that you have probably seen if you watch anything on TV! I really liked the idea and possible gimic-factor of the outdoor Wii demo unit, and hope to see one closer to home very soon!