Sell Nintendo 3DS: A Whole New World of 3D Games


It is a device which can store all your 3D games. It is a portable device made for PC game lovers. It is an auto stereoscopic device which means “glass free 3D”. Now, you can enjoy all your 3D games without wearing any glasses or unnecessary accessories. It displays high 3D effects without causing any harm to eyes. Nintendo 3DS is a whole new version of Nintendo family performing far better than Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi video games. It has got a very high standard as that of any of the play station’s available.  Nintendo 3DS XL is a new version of 3DS, whose screen is ninety percent larger than the 3DS one. The most exciting thing is that don’t need to learn anything in order to operate it. It is quite affordable as well.  It is a result of experiments performed with 3D technology in 1980s.

Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board – A How-To Guide


Nintendo created a unique home fitness program with the Wii Fit game. This is a home work out system that you could use to improve your cardiovascular health, strength and balance. Now with the Wii Fit Plus and balance board you get an extra 15 fantastic programs with balance training exercises, yoga, strength training and also the ability to create your own personal work out programs and set fitness targets.

With the run up to Christmas and this system being a choice many people will be purchasing here is a tuition guide as to great ways to get the most out of the system and gain fitness.

1: Choose Trainer

First of all you need to select a personal trainer for you. Pick a male of female trainer and this person will be your motivator and the onscreen coach that will be pushing you hard each work out.

2: Cardio

To get going and get your heart rate up and you moving you should be doing cardiovascular exercises. This will be for you fat burners out there. Use the balance board for step aerobics, hula hood, or boxing to get your heart rate up and the calories burning. You need to be doing at least 30mins of this daily to be making progress.

3: Strength

Choose strength training to get a proper work out. To start choose upper body, lower body and core for an all over body work out. You need to sand comfortably on the balance board and in the correct alignment for the lower body work out with exercises such as squats and lunges. For the upper body you will be doing a variety of push up exercises on the board. Yoga poses are very good for strength and balance and you will be going through a great deal with the program and getting that core solid.

You need to be doing strength training every other day as a day of muscle rest will help you grow as they repair the selves.

4: Balance and Core

Standing on the balance board and performing balance training exercises such as skateboarding and juggling with increase you body stability (your core) this in turn helps you train harder with other exercise.

5: Flexibility

Any areas in your body you find stiff or in pain stretching will help. Chest exercises will get your posture sorted as you aim to keep proper alignment on the board with the programs. You should perform stretching on a daily basis as well to help your muscles recover from exercise.

6: Routine

Ok now get yourself a routine set up from the above advice and create a work out and then follow your Wii coach and make sure you do 30-hour each day to get the benefits.

7: Diet

To gain muscle you will want to eat lots of protein and carbohydrate each day and to lose and to lose weight you want to keep a nice 500 calories deficit each day. You can use the Wii to calculate this and lose via the exercise programs and healthy eating. For good advice try this site on weight loss. Ok now get to it you will be fighting fit before you know it!

Writing Positions Available at


We’re currently seeking some help with keeping the site up-to-date with the latest Nintendo news, reviews and gossip. If you think you’ve got what it takes, and would like the chance to work for one of the UK’s top Nintendo news resources, get in touch!

We currently have the following positions available:

News Editor

As a News Editor for, you will be expected to post regular news updates from the wonderful world of Nintendo. You will rely on official press releases and media sources, news tips from our readers together with various other gaming websites via browsing and RSS feeds. You will be posting on a multitude of topics including gaming industry, culture and gaming media, together with being involved with writing original feature articles whenever possible.

Feature Editor

Feature editors are expected to write exclusive features for on a multitude of current topics. These will range from comparison and opinion pieces to organising and conducting interviews with gaming industry insiders, game developers and publishers. You will also be expected to co-ordinate team projects such as the Staff Roundtable and other regular features.

Review Editor

Review editors for will be expected to write reviews for the current releases on the Wii and DS platforms, including WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console titles. Reviewers will be provided with review copies of various titles and expected to play through the game and write up a review to a strict time frame. Review Editors will also be expected to keep the site up-to-date with game release news and keep our release calendar up-to-date so we don’t miss anything out!

Media Editor

Media editors are expected to keep our extensive media catalogue in check. This includes keeping the site up-to-date with all the latest screen shots and videos for the most recent titles, maintaining our YouTube channel and becoming the lead in our new podcast project. Image/Video/Audio editing skills are required for this role.

Community Manager

Our Community Manager is expected to keep all of our loyal fans happy via whatever means are available. This includes managing our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts, moderating site comments and answering query emails, together with helping to get the Forum back off the ground and recruit a new forum moderating team. Also, keeping the site up-to-date with the latest goings-on in the community is required.

To apply for any of the above positions, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must demonstrate at least a college-level writing ability.
  • Basic photo editing skills are necessary, such as cropping. Advanced photo editing skills are a plus.
  • Be able to post at least 1 news article, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.
  • Basic HTML knowledge is helpful, but not essential.

Applicants who meet these requirements will be expected to submit at least two writing samples to help us gauge their ability. All samples must be written in Microsoft Word, HTML or already be available on the web. Samples must also be related to the position you are applying for, so if you’re planning on applying to be a game reviewer, an essay about the life cycle of a frog isn’t going to help us!

To apply, send your details (name, age, location) and writing samples to

We hope that we can find some like minded Nintendo fans to help keep the site alive and current, and are looking forward to reading all applications that we receive!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [Wii Review]

Box Art

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or with some part of crazy strict religious cult you’ll know of Harry Potter. Like Haribo, kids and grown ups love it so. J.K Rowling’s certainly been doing pretty well for herself spawning seven books making billions out of it. Of course you can’t have a large worldwide popular franchise without some merchandising and spin offs. Harry Potter is certainly guilty of this. As the series grew so did the tone. Abandoning the more childish themes of previous books, The Deathly Hallows is a darker and more adult story.

For those who need a little catch up, The Deathly Hallows is the first part of a two part adventure which involves Harry Potter flunking out of Hogwarts due to the death of Dumbledore. Voldermort is rising in strength and it’s up to Harry and his friends to destroy the Horcruxes – items which give Voldermort his immortal power.

Throughout most of the game you’ll go through a third person shooter fashion with some small stealth elements thrown in. The main problem with the style of the game is that you’ll often be blocked by objects in the environment as you try to attack the enemies. Furthermore aiming is annoying. There’s no auto aim to aid you making the imprecise and inaccurate targeting cumbersome.

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Sonic Colours [Wii and DS] Review

Box Art

Like Arnie to Stallone or Brown to Cameron there have been many epic face offs throughout the history of man. One of them is Mario and Sonic. Both have met brilliant acclaim but Sonic always manages to lose to Mario. The past few years for Sonic have been pretty bad as he has met less than desirable responses for his previous games. Fortunately, Sonic Colours for both the DS and Wii rises above the negativity.

The main story is that Sonic and Tails need to go and save the day again. Dr Eggman has created an evil theme park in which he kidnaps and imprisons alien visitors known as Wisps.

The design for both versions is purely Sonic. The colours are vibrant and the designs of each level are quirky, fantastic and awe inspiring. Sure you’ll be zooming past each level in a fast classic Sonic fashion but that’s not enough to deter you from admiring all the beauty that each level has to offer. Whether it’s looking at the large multicolour mountains or the beautifully shaped planets Sonic Colours definitely lives up to the name providing a solid piece of eye candy. The DS version is different solely for the fact that its set in a 2D platform fashion but the innovative design prevents it from being too boring.

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Professor Layton and the Lost Future [DS] Review

If you’re even remotely familiar with puzzle games on the DS, you’ll have no doubt heard of the Professor Layton series.  An absolute runaway success of a franchise, the series has received outstanding critical acclaim, impressive sales and even a full-length animated feature film.  Impressive for any series, near unheard of for a series two games in, and on a handheld, no less.  And here we are with the third instalment in the series, Professor Layton and the Lost Future.

Game Boxart

Taking a break from puzzle-solving, the Professor and his apprentice, Luke are invited to a demonstration of an apparently fully-working time machine.  When the experiment goes awry, the machine is destroyed and both it’s inventor and the Prime Minister, Bill Hawks are found to be missing.  Soon after, Luke receives a letter from a familiar face – himself ten years in the future, warning him that things are soon to take a turn for the worse.  This just so happens to coincide with the disappearances of other various scientists.  It isn’t long before the Professor and Luke – both of them – find themselves embroiled in an adventure that, surprise surprise, offers more questions than it first seems…

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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

Box Art

War games have always had their fair share of fan bases. There were the Command and Conquer series and the Dynasty Warrior games which brought Eastern Asian elements to the formula. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is Capcom’s offering with a Japanese anime twist.

In SBSH you are given a choice of several characters as you progress through their storylines. Each characters are given their own cut scenes and they all intertwine together. This is only the start of a long list of negatives though.

The voice acting is so terrible and cheesy throughout each scene that you can’t help but laugh. The often over exaggerated screams that some characters give are pure comedy rather than pure drama.

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Last Window – The Secret of Cape West [DS] Review

Box Art

It seems that the introduction of games like Phoenix Wright have jumpstarted a certain style of gaming on the DS. Gaming where puzzle solving and storytelling are intertwined like Mario and Mushrooms. Phoenix Wright was pretty successful in its own right as was the later Professor Layton. Now how about getting introduced to Kyle Hyde?

Hyde gets fired from his job as a door to door salesman for the Red Crown. On the outside, the Red Crown seems like a normal business but on the inside, they collect “special” items. He arrives home to his crummy apartment to discover that it he has been served an eviction notice due to closure of the entire complex. Alongside this, Hyde discovers strange messages asking him to locate the Scarlet Star.

Last Window is played holding the DS on its side like a book. It’s a novel way (excuse the pun) of playing a game that is very much focused on its driving and captivating story line. Throughout the game you move Hyde with your stylus. On the left hand side of the screen is a first person 3D view and on the right is a bird’s eye 2D view. The left hand side is slightly pointless however as you’ll often be using the right hand side to play most of the game.

Wii Party [Wii] Review

Wii Party Box

What makes Wii Party different from the rest?

Wii Sports, Wii Play or Mario Party. Nintendo’s motion sensored console definately doesn’t have an absence of casual and fun multiplayer games. Who could blame Nintendo though? Their main target seems to be that of a more family orientated or casual gaming audience. Now Wii Party is the latest in the series of multiplayer games that the Wii seems to love.

So what is Wii Party? At first glance it seems just like any other Wii Party game. You can choose to play games from one to four players using your own Mii which is a nice personalisation as with previous party games although certain game modes are strictly for more than one player. You compete against each other through a series of mini games in attempt to come out on top.

Wii Party has many game modes. The first which are known as party games and are split up in five categories. Board Game Island requires you to navigate around a board attempting to beat your opponents just like Mario Party. Globe Trot is a game that requires you to use more of your brain as you aim to travel to places such as India, Egypt and the USA in order to gain the most souvenirs and photographs. Unlike Mario Party, Wii Party manages to make use of quick gameplay. There aren’t any traps that slow down the gameplay, just a nice, fast paced game although the ability to skip NPC turns would have been nice.

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